Well where do I start? It started off with that Final Fantasy charm we all love and hold dearly. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a five-episode anime prequel being released on the Final Fantasy XV youtube channel ,as it will be  leading up to the game’s release on September 30th (Oh so hype!!). The anime will be focused on how Noctis became friends with the already lovable characters of FFXV. (Prompto is already my go to guy!) The series will also tie  directly into the demo that has been released. A sixth episode will be available exclusively inside of Final Fantasy XV’s Ultimate Edition. Anyway on the the review.

We can already kind of see where the series is going just from the first minute alone. A young Noctis hurt and bloodied next to what appears to be a woman. His mother perhaps? who knows but he’s laid out in front of a Lamia which has appeared in many Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy II being the first. Anyway Noctis is saved by his father and his father’s men only for Noct to wake up in a car with his buddies.  Heading to a dinner on the outskirts of no where Noctis name is spoken out loud where the waitress hears his name being spoken and reacts with a slight puzzled look. A few moments later our team is sitting at a table where it’s made clear that Noctis is staying secretive about his identity. During his scene it’s made apparent which roles our boys play and how their personalities are like. Lunch is soon interrupted with a news broadcast about the Kingdom of Lucis is under imperial occupation and they’re looking to fill occupations for this new found government. Just as the announcement is over, a ship with men flies over head and our team acts quickly to leave.

As our team drives down a long stretch of road we learn about a war between Lucis and Neiflhiem where Lucis lost and how people think the royal family is dead but Noctis is alive and well and on his way to see a woman named Luna where we learn that she is Notics bride to be. After having a nights rest they’re back on the road only be blocked by the Soldiers that we’re after them back at the dinner. A plan is quickly made to divert and attack the enemies. We get to see our boys in action as they can materialize they’re weapons from thin air. Upon defeating most of the soldiers which we learn are only robots they noticed that it’s only a trap and not only do more soldiers drop in, the Lamia who almost killed Notics years ago has been released and has her sights set on Noctis. Our final seen shows our hero leaping into battle.

I can’t possibly any more excited about this than I already am. It’s a great way to start up a long awaited series and great to bring in people who want to learn more about and get into the Final Fantasy series and I think Square Enix is doing such an amazing job.

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