How to Get Dark Souls 3. EARLY.

That’s right. You read the title. Now I know your here reading this article like, “What?! I want Dark Souls 3 early!! sign me up!!” Now if some of you noticed (like I did myself) you may have seen some of your friends playing it early and are just baffled by it like I was. Well not anymore because I’m here to give you the run down on how to enjoy the souls game early without having to wait til next month.

First things first. This only works for the Xbox One. Sorry PS4 users Xbox One got the upper hand here. So onward with the details, you will need a Japanese Xbox Point Card to pay for the game digitally so it’s going to cost a little over 7,000 Yen which is around 61.90 is USD. You can easily get this from the Japanese Amazon. 

Next enter the code Enter the Code to add  the funds to your account. You can redeem the codes here at Once this is done, log in and click on the text ご利用コードを使う to enter the codes, and hit confirm. This step will update and give you the correct balance.

Next step is to buy the game but before doing so, make sure you go to settings, go to location and switch the systems location to Japanese. Once done turn your system off and turn it back off. Once the system is restarted search for Dank Souls, I mean Dark Souls 3. Once you see this, click on it and proceed with buying the game with pressing the yen button. Now here’s the deal Download the Game in English. The Japanese version of the game will automatically start downloading so what you want to do is back out and go to your list of games, and stop the download from happening. Once this is done go  exit out and return back to your settings and change the region back to English once again. If done right you should be able to go back to the store and finish downloading Dark Souls 3 in English and Bam there ya have it!!

If you followed everything right you should be the proud owner of Dark souls 3  few weeks before its English release. Beware though! Since you may have it early you won’t have multiplayer options or even the day one patch so things may be wonky if you’re one of those who have it early. Other than that I hope you guys enjoy Dark Souls 3 in all of its rage filled glory!!


Tifa Barreto

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