By now, everyone should know the story about Clark Kent, better known as Superman.  If for whatever reason you don’t know, we got you covered.

Born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, Superman was sent to Earth by his parents, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van when their planet was on the brink of destruction.  They built a rocket ship for an unborn Kal knowing that the yellow sunlight from our Sun would charge his cells and grant him incredible powers.

Crashing down in Smallville, Kansas, Kal was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent.  The two decided they would adopt and raise the child as their own son, giving him the name Clark Kent.  While on Earth, the yellow Sun instantly grants Clark with super-strength and invulnerability and later the power of flight during his time in high school.  When he became 18, the Kents revealed his ship and his Kryptonian heritage, leading Clark to decide what kind of man he wanted to be.


After graduating Smallville High, he continued his education at Metropolis University while seeking out a living to put himself through school.  Clark did this for seven years until he was forced to save a space-plane in front of a crowd of people; right after that he met reporter Lois Lane for the first time at the age of 25.  Clark had finally decided on what kind of man he wanted to be, and so, with the help of Jonathan, he designed a symbol for him to wear while Martha created a costume.  Essentially, Superman would be who Clark really his and the reason why he doesn’t wear a mask.  Instead he would change his mannerisms to a clumsy, odd guy while wearing glasses so that nobody would suspect him.

During his first outing in his new threads in Metropolis, Clark was stamped with the name Superman by Lois Lane.  Later, he began his new career as a reporter for the Daily Planet, alongside Lois and Jimmy Olsen.

The rest is history!

Superman’s other powers are flight, heat vision, cold/ice breath, super speed, super hearing, super smell, solar flare, telescopic vision, x-ray vision, thermal vision, electro-magnetic spectrum vision, super stamina, and he his self sustenance, meaning he doesn’t need food or sleep but does it anyway.

Superman may in fact be the strongest man alive but he does have some weaknesses.  These include magic, Kryptonite, lead, and solar energy deficiency.

Your final trial is upon you my son. You are ready, seize your destiny. – Jor-El


Chris McCall

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