Marvel’s Daredevil has returned to Netflix and he has done so, triumphantly!

The episode begins with a view from a rooftop of Hell’s Kitchen and all the noise going on below. As the camera slowly pans across it stops at the back of the head of Daredevil as he perches on a rooftop listening for any trouble. In the distance we hear a loud bang from a gunshot. The gunshot came from a heist, as three masked men are running up a street at night and each robber is carrying a briefcase in one hand, a gun in the other.


The cops are in hot pursuit and the thiefs are firing back at them while innocent civilians are dodging out of the way. This plan doesn’t end well for them though, as our blind hero gets the drop on the crooks and takes them out one by one. The scene ends with DD standing on top of a church, listening to the last of the robbers he took out, being arrested. I have to say, I didn’t like the suit when it was first unveiled in the last episode of season 1 but it has grown on me.


The law firm of Nelson and Murdoch is still up and running with more clients than we last saw, but as Karen tells Foggy and Matt when they enter the office in the morning, “…the bad news is that we’re broke.” Matt reassures her and Foggy that they will find a way to stay afloat because he is always hopeful. It’s astonishing to see that even though the firm is more popular now because they took down Wilson Fisk, they still are not bringing in big name clients with enough cash. The story will be interesting to see played out the rest of the season because there is no telling how long they will last if clients are only paying them in food.

Next we see an Irish gang meeting in a secret locale to discuss the current state of affairs since Wilson Fisk’s arrest. It seems since Fisk has disappeared from the scene, every gang and mobster in the city has been trying to take control in Hell’s Kitchen and the Irish feel like the area belongs to them. There was an underlying rift going on between some of the members but before we could see what it was, the meeting was interrupted by bullets……. a whole lot of bullets. Someone from outside took out all the gangsters with some high artillery weapons. One of the members manage to get away and go to Nelson & Murdoch for help. The man tells them his name is Grotto and gives them what information he has about the shooting but in the middle of talking to them,  passes out from a wound he received at the shooting. Karen takes Grotto to the hospital while Daredevil and Foggy go searching for answers about this new gang using military grade weapons.


Daredevil pays a visit to an old arms dealer friend while Foggy visits a biker gang and they get the same information from each; everyone is afraid of a gang going around and taking out all the competition. This gang never leaves a trace and acting a way that seems like they may be para-military. The arms dealer leads Daredevil to a building in the meat packing district and what he finds is horrifying. Inside the walk-in freezer he finds slabs of hanging meat on hooks as well as men, presumably gang members. One of the men hanging on a meat hook turns out be alive. Daredevil helps pull the man off the hook to find any answers he can. He asks the man who is the group that has done this him, who are they. With his dying breath the man replies to Daredevil, “No they, him. It’s one man.”

The picture cuts to a pair of legs walking in the hospital and those legs belong to a man walking in there carrying a high powered shotgun and he is headed straight for the room with Karen and Grotto. He disarms a security guard and walks down the hall as nurses and doctors scream while running out of his way.


Grotto hears the screams and instantly jumps up because he knows the person causing the panic is there for him. Karen peeks out the door to make sure and then we get our first full view of Frank Castle, The Punisher. She grabs Grotto and runs out the room and down the hall as The Punisher starts shooting at Grotto with reckless abandon.

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It was at this moment that I realized I might have problems because I was extremely excited to see The Punisher and thought it was so bad ass the way he was walking through the hospital shooting at Grotto but at the same time, innocent people could have been hurt, but man…….it’s the freakin’ Punisher!

Karen and Grotto manage to get to a car and drive off but the Punisher was on the roof shooting at their car with a sniper rifle. In comes Daredevil and we get our first fight scene between Daredevil and The Punisher.

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The Punisher is getting his butt handed to him, which shouldn’t surprise anyone because Daredevil is the better fighter. That’s not to say Punisher doesn’t get in a few blows because he does and it seems to catch Daredevil off guard. As Punisher gets Daredevil down, he tries to escape but Daredevil pursues and continues the fight. Daredevil knocks Punisher to the ground and as he hits the ground, Punisher pulls out a gun from his ankle and gets the drop on him. He points his gun at Daredevil for a long second, says “Bang!” and pulls the trigger.

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The bullet hits Daredevil in the head and he falls off the roof and that’s where the episode ends. I think it’s important to note that Punisher wasn’t trying to kill Daredevil; if he was he wouldn’t have hesitated or shot his helmet that is bulletproof. You can tell in the picture above that the bullet clearly ricocheted off of Daredevil’s helmet. There’s so much more to see but what a great way to start off this season. If you’ve seen the episode already, comment below and let us know what you think.


Rahieme McLaurin

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