Bloodborne Is Becoming A Board Game

What..? Bloodborne getting its own board game? What kind of madness is this? I’m not sure but I’m pretty excited for it! I expect great things from this new edition. Eric M. Lang who is a board game designer pretty much gave it away via Twitter as well with a photo of the board games box art. “For those who follow me and have gotten to know my silly codenames for games-in-progress, this is Project Dream.” Said Lang in his Twitter post as well as showing us this picture.

    The board game will be based of of the games infamous “Chalice Dungeon’s”. You work together with friends to take down nasty beast and retrieve their blood. It will have inventory and upgrades and each round of the game takes at least 30 minutes to play. A word from Lang also said to, “Expect lots of deaths.” Meaning this won’t be easy and if it’s anything like the game, there will be tons of rage even if it is a board game.

I’m totally ready for this game and couldn’t be happier. What are your takes on this? How do you feel about any game becoming a board game? Let us know and remember to “Fear the Old Blood!” 


Tifa Barreto

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