We just reached 10,000 facebook page likes! Although it’s not much, we here at Geekphilia want to thank everyone who liked our page and the content we share. This has been a journey just getting this far with a lot of hiccups in between and some obstacles placed in our way but we hurdled them like Marion Jones….minus the steroids.


I remember when Chris first came to me about Geekphilia and asked me if I was interested in writing for him. He was coming to the end of his rope because he had no help with this on tumblr, youtube, facebook, anything. You have to understand, Chris McCall was doing everything by himself and was ready to call it quits. He already had my respect because we’ve worked on other projects before so I said “Fuck yea, I want to join in! and we can make youtube videos where we talk about Geek shit because we’re a bunch of fucking geeks and geeks love watching other geeks talk about geek shit….excuse my language.”


Chris was enthused about my excitement to help out but also concerned about my manic behavior because he was afraid I might burn out too quickly and I was also being genuinely psychotic with my enthusiasm. But I proved that sucka duck wrong; didn’t I Chris? (He’s going to be so upset when he reads this lol). Wait…what in the world is a sucka duck? Oh well, I’m leaving it, it’s my article and I can write dumb if I want to. Want to change it? Join us and help us write about the most interesting news coming out for geeks like us. I forgot where I was going with this…..oh yea, Chris and I began meeting and discussing the direction he wanted to go with Geekphilia but I told him if I’m in, I’m in all the way. With that in mind we developed a plan which fell to shit but like any good prostitute, we dusted our knees off and got right back to work.

The point is, we enjoy what we do because it’s fun. Every article we write, game we play, video we make, is of content that we love dealing with in our every day lives. So, why the hell not talk about and share it with our fellow geeks? We are all geeks in our own ways and we should all be able to express that how we want….without bringing physical or mental harm to others of course. Everything we do, we do for you; don’t believe us? Me, Chris and Tifa, have full work schedules and I am also going to school full time. We’re exhausted most days and we’re not getting paid for any of this. It would be nice one day….like tomorrow even……but that isn’t possible right now. We won’t allow that to deter us though, because we’re geeks and we’ll geek out over the content regardless. But, thank you so very much for your support because without all of you we would just be three assholes making pointless, irresponsible decisions with their lives. I’m Rahieme McLaurin and for everyone from Geekphilia, meaning the only other two people who do this with me, Chris and Tifa, LATER DAYS!!!!!!!

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Rahieme McLaurin

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