By now you’ve all seen the world trailer for Captain America Civil War; if not, you can check it out at the end of this article. If yes, you may have noticed a second of a scene where Scarlet Witch is  battling Vision.


Well, did you know that Scarlet Witch and Vision were once married in the comics?


I know what you must be thinking….”but Vision is an android. How could they possibly get married unless Vision was created…anatomically correct?” Yes, I wondered the same thing but it happened and they also have children, twin boys named William and Thomas. Because Vision is an android, it is naturally hard to believe they could have any children and we come to find out their children were conceived through magic by the Scarlet Witch.

None of this has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there is a possibility. It would make sense too, considering the connection between Scarlet Witch and Vision in Age Of Ultron. She was the first to read his mind before Thor brought him to life, as the team is suiting up to go battle Ultron, there is a scene where she is staring at him while he talks to Thor in the window and only turns away when Quicksilver throws a jacket at her and Vision saved her from the free-falling Sokovia.

age of ultron

A romance may not fully play out in Captain America: Civil War but we may see more signs of it and further romantic developments in later movies. Would you like to see a romantic relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch? Let us know in the comment section

Check out Captain America: Civil War May 6th!

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