Gears Of War 4; The Story So Far

That’s right C.O.G’s. We finally have info on the newest GoW game. I’m super excited to be sharing this news with you and I can’t wait for this games release!
Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the evens of its previous game, GoW 3. we ‘re taking this journey with 3 new characters. JD Fenix who is the son of Marcus Fenix. (This is already sounding awesome!), Delmont Walker who is a close friend with JD (We got some Marcus and Dom friendship type thing happening here) and Kait Diaz who is an outsider who was born out of humanities closed off barcades.

So far what we know is that JD isn’t close to his dad at all. (I mean…Marcus is really rough around the edges and it seems like he wouldn’t be affectionate most of the time) 

Since GoW 4 is set 25 after the end of Gears 3. The weapon we saw in GoW 3 that we used to destroy the Locusts also had some serious consequences. It caused an energy crisis that dragged humankind into a technological dark age. The disbanded COG was called back to action to protect the population, making whatever humans that were left during this time move to citadels. Humans who refuse to make this move were subject to be called Outsiders, and these people aren’t to friendly with the COG’s.

With new enemies, a changing weather environment that affects you the player and the game itself; it’s going to be an amazing ride. Co-op is also back and that’s what made Gears even more intense and fun because you got to play with friends or randoms. For those of you who got the Gears ultimate edition also got the Beta for GoW 4 which is set to be playable this spring, so those of you that have it make the best of it! Gears of War 4 is set to be released sometimes this year and I’m super excited! Stay tuned as we keep rolling out the Gears info Soldiers! 

Stay alive, hands on that lancer, have a quick step and don’t forget to say it with pride and yell it real loud if you get downed to, “REVIVE ME!!”


Tifa Barreto

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