The anticipated Captain America: Civil War trailer was released today with our first look at Spider-Man, who will be played by Tom Holland, but how does he fit in this story.

Okay, so most of us know Marvel’s Civil War story through the comics and how our favorite web slinger was introduced, but for those who don’t, here’s how it all went down.

In a successful attempt to get more heroes to sign up for the Registration Act, Iron-Man held a press conference and Spider-Man was the main guest.  Iron-Man figured if he could get Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity then other heroes would follow…and it worked.  Of course there were dangerous consequences for Peter Parker afterwards but you get it.

However, in the new Civil War trailer it looks as if Spider-Man comes out of nowhere.  What is his relationship with Tony Stark?  We know that the Avengers tower is located in New York City where Spider-Man occasionally saves the day.  We can only assume that Spidey and Tony met during some sort of issue in the city or maybe Spider-Man approached Tony, it’s not like his identity is a secret.  Whatever the case may be, it looks like Spidey has joined Team Iron-Man for this epic battle between heroes.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th 2016!


Chris McCall

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