20th Century Fox has changed the release date of Gambit and no one should be surprised. After rumors of Channing Tatum threatening to walk over budget disagreements and a change in director, execs had no choice but to make a change. Fortunately for Fox, Deadpool was such a smash success that they can afford this switch.

Since Gambit will no longer be premiering on October 7th, Fox has announced two new surprise Marvel dates; October 6th, 2017 and January 12th, 2018. The 2017 release date may be the new slot for Gambit; giving star, Channing Tatum and new director, Doug Liman time to make a great film. Liman last directed the highly underrated Edge Of Tomorrow  and was allegedly Tatum’s original choice for director. The 2018 release date will most likely go to the Deadpool sequel or possibly an X-Force movie.


One can only dream….


Rahieme McLaurin

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