That’s right Pokemon fans Nintendo unveiled the next biggest Pokemon games: Sun and Moon. Both games will be coming to the 3DS in holiday 2016, and will be the first major entries in the series since Pokemon X and Y which we got back in 2013. Sun and Moon will be available at the same time worldwide. Sun and Moon will also support the pokemon bank feature so that you can transfer pokemon from previous games. This is such a busy year for Pokemon since next month will be the release of it’s newest game which happens to be a fighting game called “Pokken Tournament” on Wii U. Also it’s Pokemon’s 20th anniversary! So what better way to celebrate with new game announcements and Pokemon events happening worldwide! Gamestop, Toys R Us and even NYC’s own Nintendo world is getting ready for the celebration. Pokemon is such a beloved series by the young and old and I know lots of us (even me til this day) just want to catch them all! Pokemon is a series that never gets old and its creativity is such a delight to see.


Pokemon Sun & Moon is set to be released holiday season of this year.


Tifa Barreto

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