The first JUST CAUSE 3 content pack entitled SKY FORTRESS is launching March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and high end PC and holders of the AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass will be able to play it a week before is goes on sale as a standalone download.


“If Just Cause 3 is over-the-top action then the Air, Land and Sea Expansion pass aims to stand on its shoulders and reach even higher,” said Tobias Andersson, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. “An incredible amount of time has been spent ensuring every new item is fully integrated into the main game and can be used during existing missions. Rico’s new Bavarium Wingsuit will fundamentally alter the core gameplay of Just Cause 3 and we can’t wait to see the crazy stunts that players perform with it.”

The second pack in the Expansion Pass is called LAND MECH ASSAULT will contain another new series of missions that introduce a new vehicle that can be used in the main game as well; a heavily armoured mech armed with a gravity gun that allows objects to be picked up and powerfully thrown in any direction.  The mech is as strong as a tank but is highly manoeuvrable and agile.  The last pack BAVARIUM SEA HEIST will conclude the game; more on that pack as it develops.

The SKY FORTRESS pack will be priced at $11.99, while the AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass is available for $24.99.  All packs will be available by Summer of 2016!




Chris McCall

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