With the booming success of Deadpool over Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend, it is safe to say that a green light has been given to the sequel, which will include one of my personal favorite X-Men characters, Cable! Thus far, Deadpool, while not being an “X-Men” movie per se, has accumulated more money in its’ first weekend at a staggering $150 million, with a budget of $58 million, than the previous entry of X-Men: Days of Future Past, which only grossed about $90 million in its’ first weekend.

While this is indeed a success for 20th Century Fox, who badly needed a hit after the abysmal Fantastic Four reboot, this can also be a negative in their column as well. For instance, 20th Century Fox did not want to make Deadpool as a film at all, until fans got involved after seeing the leaked concept footage back in 2014 for the film. At this time, Fox was reeling off of the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past and even though it did not gross more then the previous entry of X-Men: The Last Stand, which grossed $108 million on its’ opening weekend, they were able to finally fix their broken franchise via time travel.


However, Deadpool was much more successful, even with Fox’s team-up franchise, and it is because of the one thing that the X-Men movies have been missing…FUN! Yes, it may be hard to believe, Deadpool was the example of how the X-Men universe should be. Director Tim Miller, this being his first time directing a live action movie, does a fantastic job showing the audience how bright and fun the X-Men universe can be, without the dark colors and the hopelessness that the current X-Men films portray, directed by Bryan Singer. While the X-Men films that are under Singer’s belt are great films, they are not true “X-Men” films or true to the universe that the comics and cartoons have portrayed the X-Men to be.

By being able to take a risk with Deadpool, Fox was finally able to see through the eyes of the audience, how they need to take their current X-Men universe and revamp it. This is where X-Men Apocalypse comes in. X-Men Apocalypse is playing into the Bryan Singer “dark, epic, destruction” that is seen throughout the newest trailer for the upcoming film and while every superhero film today ends with an epic, climatic battle at the end of the film with the main villain, Deadpool has shown us that bigger and epic is not always better. There is a reason that people are not gravitating more to X-Men Apocalypse currently, and it is because the tone of the film does not seem fun, especially now that X-Men characters like Colossus, who was done to perfection in this film and just garbage in the X-Men films, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were portrayed. They were lively and fun and both had personalities that were expressed in Deadpool’s film (as well as actual X-Men uniforms!) that would not have been expressed in an actual Bryan Singer X-Men film, because the focus is mostly set on Wolverine, who carries the X-Men franchise on his back.

Without Wolverine, X-Men Apocalypse has a huge task set in front of it, as the new headliner seems to be Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, which in my opinion has never really worked. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will also be headlining the new film with new cast additions and while the film has a huge budget and an epic scale, the question remains. Will X-Men Apocalypse be able to stand on its’ own without Wolverine and will it be able to match the success of Deadpool in its’ current form?

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Cameron Pierce

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