I’m so f*cking happy!

Thank you Fox, for giving us the Deadpool we all wanted and deserved. Honestly, it would have been good enough to not have another Fant4stic-ish attempt at reviving a beloved Marvel character but this movie has exceeded expectations.


Remember this guy:


Welllll f*ck him! The slate has officially been wiped clean. Enough foreplay, let’s get into why this movie was so nerdgasmic!

The movie begins with the best opening scene I’ve seen in any movie….ever. Since this review is spoiler free, I won’t unload the details but you will be laughing from the beginning and that is what makes this movie so great. Deadpool is hilarious! (I really have to stop using so many exclamation points….I mean, how f*cking annoying must it be to read a review with exclamation points all over the place. I know what you’re thinking, “Yea jackass, we get it, you’re excited.”)  If that thought did occur to you, kindly, blow me! Uhhh….what was I talking about again? oh yea, DEADPOOL!

Deadpool’s story arc doesn’t follow a straight path in this movie, rather, the movie starts from a point he is at now then takes the viewers back to how he got where he is, through his thoughts. This is done throughout the movie up until the last Act and the process is done well. To be honest, it was refreshing to see because there is a chance viewers may have become bored if the movie started from the beginning of his story and plodded straight through to the end. With the usage of flashbacks, moviegoers are more engaged with the story and the pacing is nonstop. The action is also well constructed with no usage of shaky cam in sight (hallelujah!). There was also not an abundance of CGI used in this film; working well to the character of Deadpool. Director, Tim Miller, did a good job incorporating who Deadpool is and what he represents into the movie.

Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) is a former mercenary who volunteers for a special project that will make him a superhero and cure his life threatening cancer; which will allow him to be with Vanessa, his fiancee and the love of his life. He has a penchant for sarcasm and not knowing when to shut up, qualities that don’t bode well for him when he enters the program under the care of Ajax, the manager of it all. The program Wade and many other subjects are in, is really a front for the Weapon X project; you know, the same one Wolverine did that gave him his adamantium claws? (If you don’t know that then…why the f*ck are you here? Go read a review on some other douche’s website.) Anyways, the subjects are tortured until the mutagens they are given take hold in the body. Wade was given the ability to heal from anything, enhanced agility, speed and strength but the cancer caused horrible disfigurements to his looks. Now he is out for revenge against Ajax and his cronies. But of course he needs the help of some X-Men; (the only two Fox could afford to put in this movie as Deadpool so eloquently states in the film, breaking the fourth wall like the true champion of being a d*ck that he is), Colussus and Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead.


Deadpool is a great movie not because of the action, or the comedy, or the romance, but because of all of the above and then some. The fourth wall breaking is truly genius and doesn’t seem out of place at all. In one scene he breaks the fourth wall making a joke about Professor X that is one of the funniest jokes in the movie….and this movie has a lot of truly funny jokes. There is a reason this was my most anticipated movie of the year and if you watch it you will understand why. Deadpool gets an A+, or 5 stars, or two thumbs up, or 99% freshness rating, or whatever the f*ck symbology you want to use that means excellent movie. Now go watch the movie……..no seriously, what are you waiting for, go watch the f*cking movie.

You crazy kids and your comicbook superheroes, lol, I love it.


Rahieme McLaurin

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