As many of you know, Marvel has an Inhumans movie slated for release in 2019 and I was wondering who should play their leader Black Bolt?

Vin Diesel has been campaigning for the chance to play this character for quite some time now.
Although the actor is already playing Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, it would still be possible for him to also play the Inhuman’s leader. The reason being, as Groot, Diesel only does the voice work because Groot’s physical appearance is done completely in CGI because….well…..because he’s a giant talking tree. When Groot speaks he only uses three words in the exact same order, “I am Groot”, but in a different tone and inflection each time to denote different meanings when he says it. Since Diesel is Groot in voice only, there is a possibility he could play a different Marvel character in physical form. No actor has played two different characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Chris Evans doesn’t count because he played Johnny Storm in Fox’s Fantastic Four and then Steve Rogers in Marvel’s Captain America and Avengers films.
That fact wouldn’t really matter in the case of Black Bolt because he rarely ever speaks. Black Bolt is the son of two geneticist from Attilan, the homeworld of the Inhumans. He was exposed to the terrigen mists – that unlocks the hidden abilities of all Inhumans – before he was born, leading to him gaining abnormally strong energy manipulation abilities. The most powerful of those abilities being his destructive quasi-sonic voice. As Vin Diesel so eloquently explains of the power of Black Bolt’s voice, while entertaining the possibility of playing him in an interview with IGN, while promoting The Last Witch Hunter, “Basically, if I said a single word I’d level all of London.” Needless to say, Black Bolt is very powerful but uses his powers extremely carefully.
While I’m a fan of Diesel, I think the character should be played by someone else. I know as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise he plays the strong silent type so it is easy to see him playing a silent Black Bolt but there is an issue.
The primary issue for Vin Diesel and Marvel is age. By the time shooting for Inhumans begins Diesel will be over fifty years old. When it comes to acting, the older the actor gets the better they become and I believe this holds true for Diesel because he can still kick ass and make it look easy but the character of Black Bolt is fairly young. In fact, Blackagar Boltagon(Black Bolt for short) becomes leader of the Inhumans at the age of twenty. He is the youngest leader the Inhumans have ever had. Even if Marvel wanted to go with a veteran Black Bolt that would still put him in his thirties and Diesel is only getting older. With no idea how long this universe will continue and how many movies they have planned for Black Bolt and the Inhumans, Marvel may want to consider someone else.
My suggestion for the Inhumans leader and king is ….. JOHN KRASINSKI


ca. 2006 --- John Krasinski --- Image by © Michael Muller/Corbis Outline

 He auditioned for the role of Captain America but lost out to Chris Evans. I don’t think Marvel could have gone wrong with either actor in that role and Evans has proven himself worthy of the mantle. After watching the movie Aloha which is admittedly pretty bad, I was convinced Krasinski would be well suited to play Black Bolt. In that movie he plays an Air Force pilot who rarely speaks and doesn’t express his emotions much, basically the strong silent type. The actor did a good job and was also funny at the same time and good comedy works well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also fits the bill physically at 6’3 (Black Bolt is 6’2) and a solid frame, though he may need to add a few more pounds of muscle. In the hit television show The Office, Krasinski displayed good comedic timing as Jim and did well with action in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
Again, this is in no way a knock on Vin Diesel because I am a fan and look forward to all of his upcoming projects but I think John Krasinski should get the role and deserves the opportunity.
 Marvel’s Inhumans is scheduled to reach theaters July 12, 2019


Rahieme McLaurin

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