Today one of the best Final Fantasy games will be available to download for mobile devices!

Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy IX for Apple and Android devices, which is now available on Google Play and App store.

Here are some new features added:

· High-definition movies and character models
· New save feature for cloud that allows players to back up data to play on other compatible devices
· Seven all-new optional booster features, including high speed mode and no encounter mode

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Final Fantasy IX is about Zidane Tribal, a bandit with plans on kidnapping Alexandrian princess, Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th with his crew of thieves, Tantalus. This leads them on an epic journey of self discovery and ultimately a confrontation with an evil force that is threatening the entire world.

Starting today the game will be available for a special price of $16.99 but after February 21st will revert back to it’s original price of $20.99. The game will also be available for Steam at a later date.


Rahieme McLaurin

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