Ready to take another adventure and rest by the Bonfire while taking a breather before possibly going hallow again? Fear not fellow Sunbro’s all shall be right in the world (or so we hope) because Dark Souls III is upon us and it’s so very close. FROMSOFTWARE is giving us an awesome collector’s edition of DSIII and we here at Geekphilia couldn’t be happier.



This awesome Collector’s Edition is priced at 129.99 and comes with a 10″ Red Knight Statue, a Prima Starter Guide, Official Dark Souls III Soundtrack, Official art book, Cloth game map, Collector’s box, Dark Souls III Software and if you pre-order the game in general you will be  given a Bonfire keychain so that whenever you need to rest or just restock you can stare into your Bonfire and be okay again!



Dark Souls III will be the final game in the Dark Souls series and it will be the greatest one yet. I got my hands on it at New York Comic Con and it was amazing. Upon talking to other people as well as my own speculation it plays a lot like Bloodborne and the controls are a lot smoother and not as stiff as the previous souls games. (Not saying anything bad here) Dark Souls III will include, 10 new classes, 45 new enemies, 15 new bosses, 60 minutes of cut scenes, 40 new armor sets, 100 new weapons, and 12 areas of exploration. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.


Dark Souls III is set to release April 12 of this year.



Tifa Barreto

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