In an interview with Marvel.com, artist Kim Jacinto talks about coming up with a new design for Angela post-Secret Wars.
Jaqcinto, Marguerite Benett and back-up story artist Stephanie Hans have been tapped to create a new vision for Angela. That new vision has placed Angela, former Asgard Assassin, in Hel as its new ruler. When asked about his approach toward designing Angela now as queen of Hel, he had this to say, “This is the first time I got an Angela project. As for me, I think it’s still the same Angela from the previous issues except for her looks, which [are] totally different”.
Looking at the design, Jacinto was right, Angela does look different….and a lot more badass than she already did. Check out some of the images here:
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I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t wait until issue #1 is released! How about the rest of you?
Angela: Queen of Hel #1 hits stores and newsstands October 21!


Rahieme McLaurin

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