It’s time to get out your camera Obscura’s because Fatal Frame Wii U is finally coming to North America!!

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was finally announced to be release October 22nd of this year as Nintendo confirmed that it will be a Wii U eShop only game, with no physical copy of the game expected. It may be kind of upsetting for Fatal Frame fans like myself since I enjoy collecting the games and having a physical copy, but at least the game will be “Free to start” so its good for people who are new to the series. People who are new to the series will be able to play the Prologue, The first chapter and some of the second chapter and if they want more the game will be available to purchase for $49.99.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will use the Wii U’s gamepad, acting directly as the infamous Camera Obscura. Which is a great idea seeing as you will be able to move freely and aim exactly where you like minus the tank like and flimsy controls like other fatal frame games. This is a step in the right direction for Nintendo to make more sales since Fatal Frame is a series that deserves more credit and will bring long time series lovers a need for a Wii U. So far in Japan Fatal Frame: Maiden of the B lack Water has received outstanding reviews as well as Famitsu giving it a 33/40 which seems pretty god in my book.

Fatal Frame is a great horror experience and I believe every horror game buff should give it a shot. Whether it be starting with the new or the old. The Fatal Frame series shows us what Japanese horror is about and leaves us on edge wanting more. So look forward to Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water October 22nd, in the Nintendo eShop!


Tifa Barreto

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