Everyone knows this is the year of Metal Gear. Meal gear solid has been a big deal since it’s first game, “Metal Gear Solid” Now there are a tons of questions about what’s going to become of the final installment and what there is to know. Although details of the games plot is sill murky the crew of Geekphilia is here to help fill you in!!

Metal Gear Solid V: The phantom pain is the last installment of the MGS series, since Kojima has left Konami an taken his FOX engine with him Konami no longer can produce MGS, so this will be the last and we’re sure it’ll be the BEST. MGSV was announced at GDC in 2013. The Phantom Pain is a direct sequel to Ground Zeroes, and by some extension, Peace Walker as well. You the player will be in control of “Big Boss,” who is a legendary war hero and the “father” of series main man Solid Snake. Ground Zeroes, Boss is set up with a mission to rescue two former allies: a young man named Chica and a revolutionary known as Paz. The floating military platform known as Mother Base is destroyed, Paz is killed by a bomb sewn into her body and Boss’ helicopter crashes.

 Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller both survive somehow and from what fans said, Boss loses his arm and falls into a nine-year coma as a result of the crash, while Miller is hospitalized. Nothing is really known about the following nine years although it may be highly likely that this is when the “Les Enfant Terribles” plan happened. This is the same cloning experiment that eventually leads to the creation of Big Boss’ three “sons”: Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake and series hero that everyone know and loves Solid Snake. During Boss’ coma, Miller was captured and brought to Afghanistan and a rescue mission is underway in an effort to rebuild Boss’ forces. It also seems that allegiances will change over the course of the game. It’s obvious that The Phantom Pain will tackle some serious issues.

It’s all a lot to take in but we’re sure if your a MGS fan you will surely know in what direction the Phantom Pain will be going in. There’s so much behind the MGS series that it’s almost impossible to explain everything in such a short article but hopefully we filled in some gaps that may help. Kojima really worked our brains with this one. We’re positive everything will be explained once the games released. Sadly this will be Kojima’s last MGS game and we’re sad that this will be it for the MGS series but we’re sure this game will go out with a bang. Metal Gear Solid V: The phantom pain will be released September 1st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox one, steam and windows live.


Tifa Barreto

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